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Role of the Church
A Very Brief History
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We see the role of the Church as being the means by which God communicates His love to the world that He created.  Jesus said, ‘For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.’ (John 3.17).  We see God as being concerned about every person regardless of their background and as a Church we seek to represent His priorities and purposes in this world.

ESCC's roots are based in the Methodist Church of New Zealand. In early 1999 the Church was established as Parklands Christian Centre on the site where Parklands Library is now situated. However, in 2001 the Church relocated to 106 Emmett Street in Shirley as ESCC and met there up until 2011 when the February earthquake struck.  In July 2015 ESCC returned to Emmett Street.


Kicks off at 5pm on Sunday 23 February 2020 at ESCC

'Long Story Short' is a great Kiwi based video series that explores the story of the Bible and seeks to address some of the major questions that naturally arise about Christianity - Who is God? Who am I? What's gone wrong with the world? Why are there so many different religions? Who is Jesus and why is He important?

There is no charge to attend and no pressure on anyone.  You can come along to see if you think the series would be of interest to you with no obligation whatsoever.  You will not be expected to read anything aloud or join in any discussion unless you want to. Just come along to watch and listen.

For more details contact the church office at / 386 3143 


8 December @ 10.00 am



Luke 2.1-20

Speaker: Steve Leppard

15 December @ 2.00 pm


Celebrating Christmas

in our Community

22 December @ 10.00 am


A presentation by

the children of ESCC

25 December @ 9.30am


Celebrating Jesus

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A few thoughts...

‘The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.  We have seen His glory, the glory of the

One and Only, Who came from the Father, full of grace and truth’ (John 1.14)


Christmas is fast approaching and, as usual, there seems to be the customary tendency to just ‘get things done’ as we all make our way to the end of 2019.  I have heard this time of year referred to as the ‘Silly Season’ but I don’t think it is meant to be.  It’s in our excessive 'busy-ness' that we can be robbed of the wonderful opportunities that God gives us to prepare our hearts for a great celebration.  In the Old Testament, seven major feasts were instituted into the life of the nation of Israel in order for them to remember and celebrate their God given freedom and His great goodness to them.  In the New Testament (Luke 15), Jesus' parable about a lost sheep being found and a lost coin turning up and, finally, the return of the prodigal son all end up with a major party being thrown in celebration. It is clear that God loves to celebrate (Zephaniah 3.17) and expects His people to join Him in doing so! 


The true celebration of this and every Christmas is that The Son of God has entered this world at a specific time in history and, by His life, death and resurrection has announced that the Kingdom of God has come to Planet Earth.  Jesus Christ came to lift humanity out of the dark depths of sin, hopelessness and despair and has given us all the opportunity to be set free, forgiven and become part of what He is doing in the World.  And the first Christmas is where it all started which is something definitely worth celebrating!


We trust that you have a wonderful Christmas as you celebrate the birth of Jesus in a way that enables you to truly appreciate and celebrate the wonder of it all.

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