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Dear Church,

Thank you so much for the way you have welcomed Grace and I and the family over the last few weeks. We’ve really enjoyed our first few weeks with you. We were really thankful to join with you for Steve’s last service. It was clear to see how faithfully he has served you for so many years, and how much you have appreciated Steve and Pauline’s ministry. He has certainly left a pattern of faithful ministry to continue in. Please continue to pray for me as I step into these big shoes!


I do hope to get around and meet many of you over a cuppa in the next few weeks. But what a crazy time it is! As I write this, the Posthumas are isolating at home as close contacts of a COVID case. Unfortunately, as Omicron spreads, this sort of disruption is going to be more and more common. Please do reach out if you find yourself stuck at home isolating or unwell, and need some help with supplies etc. The current times are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the love we have for one another – a love that comes from God and extends to others.


In the midst of these crazy, changing and disorienting times, let’s remember that unlike the daily changing circumstances of our lives, our God never changes. He is still God. He still reigns over all things, including nations and governments, and even viruses. He is our heavenly Father who is working all things for our good. What a comfort it is to know Him and be known by Him. May these unchangeable truths anchor our souls daily. Yet there are many around us who don’t have this hope, and like our Saviour described, they are “like sheep without a Shepherd.” May we have the grace to point people to the Great Shepherd and share the hope that we have found in him over the coming weeks and months.


With Love,


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