Dear Church...


‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him,

who have been called according to His purpose.’ Romans 8.28


Did you realise that everything that has ever happened to you, is happening to you or will happen in your life is something that God, and God alone, can take and make something of that will ultimately be of benefit to you and to others through you?  It is virtually impossible to recognise such things when they are in the process of happening but we have the promise of a loving, caring Father that, by His power, all the disasters, tragedies, even failures of our lives can become the very soil from which He is able to make good things grow from our lives.


This not so for everyone.  It is specifically promised to those who ' Him and have been called according to His purpose’


As we continue to follow Jesus, to live in accordance with the values of the Kingdom of God and seek, with varying degrees of success, to do things Gods way we can rest assured that every moment of our life counts.


When someone becomes a Christian it means that they have given the rest of their life to God and so whatever happens to them is in God’s hands and, consequently, available for Him to do with as He will.  So, we can rest assured that as far as God, the Great Economist, is concerned absolutely nothing in life is wasted.


Love and blessings,

Steve & Pauline - September  2020  

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